New to SLOTS, please advise!

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Jeff K. asked 3 months ago
Hi, I am new to the casino scene and don\’t know how things work in the backend and how my decision may cost me money in particular when using a slot machine. What are the technicalities to check before using? So far, I just find any slot with decent graphics and try. Anyone has any better advice?
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OYLW answered 3 months ago
Hi Jeff,
There are no good or bad slots since every slot must have RTP over 95% so whether u lose money or win money depends on luck
REDRO answered 3 months ago
Hey Jeff, you should google about how RTP and volatility works. Personally, I prefer games that include some nice bonus game that you can activate while playing. For example, Hall of Gods, where you uncover winnings hidden under shields or Red Riding Hood and many more.