How To Speed Up Your Casino Connection 101

You have a poor connection and loss of games? Here’s how to fix that!

The first thing you do is turn off your device and let it cool off. While it is cooling, find the best part of your home that picks up wifi. Turn on your device and ensure the memory isn’t at full capacity. And clear your cache.

To run software, your device needs to have adequate memory and charge.

If it’s full of temporary or internet files and folders, it could effect the performance. Also minimise the apps in use.

If there is still an issue with the casino its self, they may be experiencing heavy traffic and you may want to avoid logging in during that peak hour.

Playing on smart TV or computer monitor? The same applies. Allow everything to cool off and turn off/disconnect the extras you don’t need.

You should then be flying on fast games and avoid playing for many hours to protect your hardware/device.

If you have already burnt your device by watching hours of video, it may be time to replace it.

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